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I don’t see being an Instructor in Amsterdam as work anymore, but a pleasure I’m fortunate enough to be able to do..” Balthazar Brey, EBS Instructor.

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At the 3-Week Instructor Academy, you’ll learn from the most professional and engaging masters of the bartending world. The Instructor Academy teaches you how to become an all-round brilliant bartender with a set of very desirable skills. Places for the Instructor Academy are limited; however, this means you’ll receive a much more personalised education.

Once you have learnt all of your new advanced skills, you’ll learn how to pass your knowledge on in the most effective and professional manner. Whether that be to future EBS students or to staff in hospitality venues worldwide. If you are looking to go on and succeed at the highest level of the bartending industry, the instructor academy is for you.

The benefits of being an EBS instructor are endless. You won’t find many other jobs in which you have the opportunity to work around the world, meet new and like minded people on a daily basis and have the ultimate job satisfaction of watching your students succeed.

There are four essential requirements that we ask of our students in order for them to apply for the Instructor Academy:

  • To have at least 3 years of bartending experience
  • To have exceptional social skills
  • To be fluent in English, both written and spoken
  • To lead the EBS lifestyle – be outgoing, have a passion for your profession and a positive mentality.

Instructor Academy Recap

Students attending the Instructor Academy will acquire the following knowledge, skills and competencies:

  • Seminars with industry experts
  • Multiple workshops and cocktail training
  • Course materials
  • Excursion to a high-end cocktail bar with some of the best bartenders in town
  • A graduation dinner
  • A signed EBS Instructor Academy certificate

Each module has been carefully designed by industry leaders such as Johannes Kinch, Björn Kjellberg, Tom Dyer and Marian Beke. These guys know all there is to know about bartending, they are unquestionably the best. Our world-class instructors are constantly updating the course curriculum so you can enter the course completely assured that you will be taught the newest methods, techniques and cocktails!

The Instructor Academy offers you never-ending possibilities!

The Instructor Academy will enhance your employment prospects like never before! After graduating from the exclusive EBS Instructor Academy you have the possibility to work anywhere in the world, whether it be with EBS or not, you choose.

3 Reasons to Apply Now!

Think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the most advanced bartending Instructor Academy around? Step up to the plate and show us your skills, here are three reasons why you should apply now!

  1. The Instructor Academy is the only course available which prepares you to be the best, no matter the bar or destination.
  2. You’ll be learning the ultimate bartending manual, developed by the masters at the EBS board of education.
  3. Course numbers are limited, making the academy exclusive and creating a much more personal experience.
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Supported by the biggest spirit brands in the industry

A lot of the best spirit brands in the industry have recognised us as the world’s leading bartender school, due to our standard of excellence we instil within our students. We therefore have the backing of some of the biggest names in the industry, which means you will not only receive world-class training but will be dealing with world-class ingredients too.

EBS Brands

Course Curriculum - Instructor Academy

Learn how to Teach

Intensive Bar Training

This is where great bartenders are transformed into magnificent masters behind the bar. You’ll learn every trick of the trade in order to elevate you to the status of EBS Instructor.


Educational Skills

After you have mastered the practical elements of being an EBS Instructor, it is critical that you conquer the theoretical elements. In order to help you succeed with regard to the theoretical elements, you will be taught by only the most experienced and professional bar instructors in the industry. They will teach you how to prepare your bar, all of the equipment and furniture, this makes for a more efficient and successful bar. You will be taught how to manage your students, not to over complicate things, to be enthusiastic, engaging and positive; these are the ingredients of an EBS Instructor.


Demonstrational Skills

This module does what it says on the tin, you’ll learn how to demonstrate on a one-on-one basis and to groups. You’ll learn how to present PowerPoints effectively, so your students take on board the maximum amount of information. Finally you’ll learn how to present drinks; this is such an essential part of bartending. If drinks are presented carelessly, it will show in your tips!


Communicational Skills

Communication is one of the keys to being successful in the bartending industry; you must speak slowly and with clarity, these are the signs of a confident person. We want you to project this confidence so our students feel secure and positive. Finally, we will teach you how to be clear and concise with both co-workers and students.


History of the bartender

Learn about the history of the bartender, how the industry and the crafts-men have been changing and developing the profession over the years. In addition, you will discover the importance of ingredients, techniques and equipment in making quality cocktails.


Pre-Prohibition and Prohibition Eras

Prohibition changed society’s position on alcohol and we still feel the effects today. Many drinks and cocktails were invented during this period, you will learn how to make these and taste them! This is why it is essential to have some knowledge of this era. You will learn:

  • What people drank before, during and after prohibition
  • Which cocktails were invented during those years
  • The history of these cocktails, when they were invented and who invented them


Methods / Techniques and Equipment

Some drinks need to be crafted in certain ways to taste absolutely perfect, one of the most well-known examples of this is James Bond’s famous quote ‘martini shaken not stirred’. We will teach you all the different methods, techniques and types of equipment needed to make drinks, along with the explanations. You will learn:

  • Why some drinks are shaken, stirred or rolled
  • Which methods are most suitable for different drinks
  • Some of the equipment used in the industry’s history and equipment that is used today
  • Different mixing techniques
  • How to shake a drink, types of shakers, why they affect the cocktails that we drink
  • How to stir a drink properly
  • Different types of bar spoons


Classic Cocktails Recipes

An EBS Instructor must have an extensive knowledge of cocktail ingredients and cocktails. You will taste 90% of the cocktails that you will make at the Instructor Academy and more importantly, they will be discussed. This will allow us to explain why cocktails taste the way they do and why we use certain ingredients etc. Here are the names of just some of cocktails you will create during the course, Irish Fizz, Mai Tai, Sherry Cobbler and the Classic Flip.


Mixology Methods

To know what is actually going inside the cocktail, you need to understand how it came to be. Learn about:

  • The origin of the certain products
  • How certain products change entire drinks
  • The ingredients of these products
  • Some homemade products


Ice and Ice Carving

Ice is an extremely important part of bartending that is often overlooked, we will teach you how and when to use it. You will learn:

  • How to use ice to change the dynamics of a drink
  • Why certain types and shapes of ice are important
  • How to shape different pieces of ice using a knife or an ice pick
  • The purpose of the ice, if you want the drink to last longer or to dilute it, or simply, just to keep it cold!


EBS Values

Hard Work, Spirit &Soul

Hard Work, Spirit & Soul is the EBS slogan; it’s what all employees from interns to partners embrace. EBS has rapidly expanded and evolved over the past 16 years, however the core values have remained the same. It is essential that our EBS Instructors understand and adopt the values so that they can inspire our students.


Supported by the biggest spirit brands in the industry

A lot of the best spirit brands in the industry have recognised us as the world’s leading bartender school, due to our standard of excellence we instill within our students. We therefore have the backing of some of the biggest names in the industry which means you will not only receive world-class training but will be dealing with world-class ingredients too.

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EBS Care

EBS is the only bar school in the world that offers such a high quality service and support team ready to answer any questions you may have. You will have access to the team before, during and after your course. Meet the people that are here to change your life, today.



There are many reasons why EBS stands out over any other barschool but a reason that particularly appeals to our students is is the world’s largest job board designed exclusively for EBS graduates. We believe that you deserve the lifestyle you have worked for and are 100% committed to helping you achieve it. Find your reason WHY EBS is the course for you, now!

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