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Our New York bartender school is located in East Williamsburg otherwise known as the hipster capital of New York. The school is less than 900 metres from 3 different L line subway stations, and less than 10 minutes from the EBS apartment by bike. You will experience our first-ever purpose built professional bartender training centre!


  • 32 free pour stations
  • 16 training stations
  • 12 flair stations
  • Big live bar with an extensive selection of alcohol
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Kitchen – dishwasher, fridge, microwave, blender and coffee machine
  • Chill out area
  • A unique interior design thanks to our favourite professional artist, Welin!

The school’s wow factor is the landscaped terrace which offers rare views of the city, including the Manhattan skyline. The terrace will host a range of events and be the “it” terrace of Williamsburg. 


The Big Apple is where dreams and drinks are made for average Joes and celebrities alike. It is where you’ll find the most innovative, ambitious and inspiring bartenders, and bars in the world.

New York is the birthplace of cocktails such as the Manhattan, Long Island Iced Tea, New York Sour, Staten Island Ferry and many more. Make sure you check out the incredible bars in the city to see the techniques you learn during the day, being perfectly-executed at night!


We’ve put together a list of the top 10 things you have to do whilst in New York:

  • Go see a musical/ Broadway show/ stand-up show
  • Explore the speakeasies in Manhattan
  • Venture over to Coney Island – visit the amusement park and relax on the beach
  • Stroll along the High Line – a disused railway that was converted into a stunning park
  • Explore Chinatown and Little Italy
  • Explore some of the world’s best art and history museums  
  • Tour the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory in Williamsburg
  • Explore the New York Botanical Garden
  • Search for treasure at the Brooklyn Flea market
  • Go on a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery

Now you know everything about our New York bartender school and what to do during your time in the city.

Check out the course availability below and secure your spot behind the bar!

EBS New York. Languages available

At EBS New York you can take the 4-week course in the following languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • French

Be sure to select the right language when booking. In order to take the course in a selected language your understanding of that language should be around Professional Working Proficiency – e.g you can discuss a variety of topics with ease and almost completely understand what others are saying.

Got a question? Want more advice?

Just get in touch with EBS Care who will help you.

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Our next 3 course dates, or view the complete list of dates.

  • 28 Jan 2019 - 22 Feb 2019 Limited spaces
  • 25 Feb 2019 - 22 Mar 2019 Limited spaces
  • 08 Apr 2019 - 03 May 2019 Available

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View all course dates & book

Our next 3 course dates, or view the complete list of dates.

  • 22 Feb 2019 - 23 Feb 2019 Available
  • 22 Mar 2019 - 23 Mar 2019 Available
  • 03 May 2019 - 04 May 2019 Available

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View all course dates & book

Our next 3 course dates, or view the complete list of dates.

  • 25 Mar 2019 - 05 Apr 2019 Limited spaces
  • 03 Jun 2019 - 14 Jun 2019 Available
  • 12 Aug 2019 - 23 Aug 2019 Available

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